We enjoy architecture because it presents us with opportunities for problem solving, and expressing our own visual style towards resolving challenges. It is a fascinating complex art embracing form and function, symbol and social purpose, technique and belief, acknowledging that designs may be diverse, potent and expressive but always dynamic in their response to use.

Of all forms of art, architecture offers man the answers to his immediate and legitimate everyday needs. It is a framework of life and practising it allows us to design whilst respecting the natural world and the place of man within it.

We are interested in the other forms of art, their interaction with architecture and the designing of settings for contemporary life. This often leads us to coming forward, initiating and provoking ideas. This approach has allowed us to further our curiosity in the ‘way of making’ and develop an interest in materials and the resonance of meaning that they carry.

We also enjoy mentoring and recognise the importance of teamwork in practice throughout the many stages of a project.

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Our clients and collaborators include: