Shoah Memorial

Confronting the spectator with a rich textural maze through which they must find their own path and make their own unique journey, this sculptural installation is a melding of concepts relating to the Holocaust (Shoah), and thoughts for the future using the text of the great writer Primo Levi. The overall design is based on the pages of a book teeming with letters: the extant space seems like a sheet of white paper and its staircases the edges of a book.

The installation is set out as that of the Talmud with a central Hebrew text and translations in the margins where the commentaries would appear. This is a deliberate reference to the Jewish association with learning: 'the people of the book’, and as a symbol of the loss of knowledge, culture and lives.

The catastrophe of the Holocaust

Monumental standing forms and the track-like areas of lithography powerfully evoke the aerial views of the death camps and their meticulous layouts. Scattered letters throughout the space suggest the dispersal and displacement that resulted from the Shoah.

A collaboration with Daniel Leon and David Breuer-Weil