Calibrated House

Soft colour tones, an informal layout and surprising incidental spaces give this family home an integrity and atmosphere that radiates quietness and calm.

Within a detached house in the Hampstead Garden Suburb Conservation area it effortlessly blends modernity with tradition in a sequence of relaxed spaces designed for family living and social gatherings.

A delicate staircase with bespoke wrought iron balusters rises up through the house and offers a visual orientation to the levels that it journeys through and inter-connects.

A simple internal plan invites light to fill the hallways and landings and makes the most of the site’s footprint into which a basement incorporating a large family room with high ceilings was introduced.

Floor surfaces describe the ways in which spaces will be used and offer a complimentary textural materiality to the cool colour spectrum of the house’s interior.

The overall effect is that of a series of successful interventions which are simultaneously able to separate and integrate the living patterns of a young family.

Staircase and Joinery Designer-Maker Fowler & Co
Interior Design by Sasha Oliver Consultants